Christmas 2020

As it was the Christmas season when this was created, I decided to harness that and take inspiration from the world around me –Christmas in 2020. I chose to create a section of a living room as this is where my family display our tree, something I knew from early on I wanted to challenge myself with (I had never modelled traditional foliage before).

I spent a while perfecting a modular base for my textures that I could recycle and use across the vignette, using Substance Painter’s existing library of procedurals, grunges and other tools. Each texture that I made has a base which uses colour fill layers masked with procedurals including ‘cells’ and ‘black and white spots’. These are then manipulated with the ‘blur directional’ filer to give the illusion of brush strokes and the ‘blur slope’ filter to give a more painterly look.

Depending on the texture, I then added some differentiating aspects. For example, for this wooden floor, I added a wood grain procedural and an edited brick generator with the same filters. I also used the wood grain height map as an anchor point for the ambient occlusion curvature to give some extra depth.

For simpler textures, I just used Unity’s integrated material albedo colour selection to select a colour and change the smoothness/ metallic slider accordingly. Although I wouldn’t do this for all my models, I have found it to be a quick and easy way to get assets integrated into the scene. In my opinion, some background items can use these mats and still blend well amongst the more complicated textures.

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