Global Game Jam 2021

This year, I took part in GGJ2021 with some friends. My role in this project was Environment Artist, meaning I created a modular 3D asset kit, set up lighting and post processing and helped out with some level dressing.

Our team took part in the Falmouth Jam, which meant that we had less than three days to complete our project. Because of this, I thought it'd be best to focus on the larger assets that would be the most obvious.

I began by making a moodboard, since we decided early on that we wanted to make a pirate themed game. I looked for other pirate games, and took some real world inspiration too. We then brainstormed ideas for mechanics and level layouts as a group, and from this I was able to determine what 3D objects we would need.

When creating the 3D elements for this project, I decided to go with a stylised/ low poly look. I chose this because I knew that complex meshes would take longer, and we had limited time. As well as this, I felt that deciding an art style early on would make the scene compositing easier at the end - as everything works interchangeably and ties together well.

When texturing, I knew I wanted to keep it simple to stay efficient with the timeline. However I wanted to add an element of visual interest and give the models some depth. So to do this, I used some procedural cloud textures with directional blur filters to give the illusion of brush strokes within less time.

Check out the itch page here:

Project Gallery