Post Apocalyptic Art Challenge

I am in the process of working on my scene for the Leartes Studios & Dekogon Studios Post Apocalyptic Realtime Environment Art Challenge! I am looking forward to developing my skills in modelling, texturing, lighting and dressing an environment, and it'll be nice to have a finished and polished scene by July.

Since I am not the best at 2D art, I plan to rely on reference boards and annotated rough sketches (like this concept I came up with this morning). I am hoping to make a preschool classroom in a zombie apocalypse world. I think this concept will give me a lot of room for environmental storytelling, which is one of my favourite parts of designing an environment. I would love to create a drastic contract in the moods between inside and outside the classroom - and I like the idea of adding subtle hints to the apocalypse amongst the items/ drawings/ contents of the room. I am looking forward to exploring the ways I could represent the innocence and whimsicality of childhood in a post-apocalyptic world, and being able to model and texture cute, colourful toys is a big plus of course! I am hoping to post updates to my Twitter, to create a timeline/ documentation process that I can refer back to in the future!

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