Love Chris

I created this game as an extention to my research into walking simulators as part of my final year project. 'Love, Chris' is a first-person story-driven exploration game, or walking simulator. I completed this project in around four months and I challenged myself to make all of the game's assets myself. In the end, I had to accept that the time scope meant that I couldn't make everything, however, I did manage to create almost all of the 3D assets from scratch. I also made a few textures myself and added/ painted all of the textures in Substance Painter. I also did the code for this game and compiled it in Unity Game Engine.


Play the game yourself here:


Or watch a YouTuber play through the game here:


Here are some production screenshots:

           (more screenshots and details of production can be found in my design journal -

House exterior 3d Model game art
3D models bedroom furniture
Dresser substance painter texture
Substance painter pyjama texture

Employee of the Day

This game was the outcome of a Gameplay module in my third year of university. We teamed up and decided to make a casual co-op couch game, inspired by Overcooked. My role in this project was primarily to produce concept art and design UI, but my team and I also all independently had a driving force in the game design and game mechanics. In addition, it was my responsibility to create the intro film shown at the beginning of the game. To do this, I made visuals in Illustrator and animated them in Premier Pro when editing the video. We also made a social media account for our game because we wanted to gain a following to playtest, and we wanted to better understand how to establish a brand. I was in charge of the social media account and I also created the logo designs for our studio's page. Working on this game gave me a great insight into what it takes to complete a group project within a timescale, and helped me to gain skills in communication and teamworking.


Play the game yourself here:


The YouTube trailer:

Here are some production screenshots and videos:

           (more screenshots and details of production can be found in my design journal - )

Employee of the Day logo
Character concept art Employee of The Day
Employee of the Day customer concept art

Cat Jump

In my second year of University I have been learning how to use Unity to create games, and Maya to make 3D models. This module allowed me to show the skills I had developed and improve my coding knowledge. This game is a 3D platformer, which relies on movement (mainly jumping) to collect coins and progress through levels. I challenged myself to make some more complex games mechanics to test my skills in C#. This module was my first working introduction to modelling, so to learn more I made all of the models, animations and textures myself, using Maya, Substance Painter and Photoshop. In addition to this, I created a cutscene by drawing pictures and editing them into a short film using Premier Pro. I wrote a script to accompany this, and used music made for me by a friend. 

See a short clip of the cutscene and gameplay here:

Here are some screenshots I took throughout production:

           (more screenshots and details of production can be found in my Art Book)

Low poly cat 3D
Cat collar low poly bell 3D
Low poly pink tree
Cat coin 3d platform

Find The Cat

This art was used in a game I made for a University module in my first year. This project required me to code in HTML and JAVA, and create my own original assets. I was given free rein in terms of look and feel, so I took inspiration from the game Limbo, and the art style of Tim Burton.

The game is a simple 2D shooter style, in which the player progresses through a small map to find the cat and unlock a space invaders style minigame. The animation is frame based, meaning that I had to individually draw each frame and map it onto a spritesheet.

The code still needs some work, but I am happy with the art I produced given the time constraints. Try the game here: